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Still the top fix for St. Louis news junkies, this 39-year-old downtown Clayton institution is a must, whether you're looking for the commonplace or the obscure. And we do mean obscure. Where else in this town can you find the Nikkei Weekly, a leading Japanese business journal, or an erudite periodical like the Fletcher Forum of World Affairs and the Hedgehog Review? Glistening in sleek, orderly rows, more than 2,500 magazine titles are on display within the confines of this inviting corner storefront. There are a dozen magazines alone devoted to knitting, yet another dozen catering to wristwatch enthusiasts and cigar aficionados. Newspapers from Germany, Italy, Spain, England and the Arab world abound. "I feel so informed about the world just working here," says part-owner Sue Selvidge. If it's not the periodicals, then the best sellers, comic books, travel and astrological guides, crossword-puzzle magazines, street maps and, yes, even Topps 2006 Series Two baseball cards are bound to rub off on you. The Selvidge family sold the building to Montgomery Bank of Sikeston a few months back. But don't worry, says Sue. "We'll be here until next July and we're not leaving Clayton. We're just going to find another place."
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