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World News Ltd.

Still the undisputed heavyweight champion, this unassuming corner storefront in the heart of downtown Clayton is a mandatory destination before your next two-layover flight, inpatient surgery or bathroom break. The secret to its success is simply the classic newsstand formula. You'll find newspapers both domestic and foreign, serious and celebrity-cellulite obsessed, the latest hardcover and paperback best sellers, comic books on a spinning rack and magazines. Oh, God, the magazines. What impressed us most this year about the seemingly infinite selection of magazines at World News Ltd. was its unaffected pluralism: Standing in a single spot, we could have picked up the latest issue of British Railway Models or Yacht Design or Shotgun News -- or we could have taken all three. World News Ltd. makes few judgments about what its customers want, which is good, because a few steps to our right an entire new porn vista opened before us.
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