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You're the kind of person who walks into a bookstore and immediately says to yourself, "Aaack! Books! Where the heck are the magazines?" So why bother going to bookstores at all? Stick to World News Ltd., a store that takes the world's glossy and newsprinted pages very, very seriously. World News doesn't just carry Vogue, the place carries the American, British, Spanish, French and Italian versions of Vogue. Everything from highly intellectual -- three different chess magazines! -- to anti-intellectual -- SPLAT ("The paintball magazine")! -- is represented. There's something here up everyone's alley. Not interested in Velvet Park ("Dyke Culture in Bloom")? Try The Ride ("East Coast Bike Culture" -- as in ten-speed). We're talking 2,000 magazine titles in all, plus 25 foreign newspapers (including Le Figaro and the Prague Post). Keep in mind that while all that highbrow shit's nice, it takes the foreign tabloids to ask the deep questions -- like: "J. Lo ¿Embarazada?"
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