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With hundreds of titles and the most eclectic assortment of magazines in the St. Louis area, World News easily eclipses any other news peddler in town. Tired of the local daily seed catalogue? World News stocks more than a dozen American Sunday newspapers, plus daily editions of the New York Times and Chicago Tribune. Weary of U.S. press? World News offers a diverse selection of foreign publications, ranging from the Times of London and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung to Al-Ahram and La Gazzetta dello Sport. Its biggest appeal: A deep selection of specialty titles, including gardening and home-improvement publications, magazines about art and photography, politics, collectibles and some out-of-town city magazines. Where else will you find the latest editions of Buddhadharma (a quarterly guide for Zen practitioners), Asian Hotties and the Psychoanalytical Review? World News is located in the heart of Clayton's commercial center; there's also a smaller satellite location at West Port Plaza.
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