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Joe Whittington

It doesn't take a degree to see why the editors of St. Louis' Only Daily run Joe Whittington's weekly business column on Thursday. Most of the "business news" in this town comes out Fridays and reads like "Local Commerce for Dummies." A fix of Whittington, on the other hand, goes down like a juicy soap opera. And he regularly scoops his own paper! Thanks to deep sources in real estate and (wethinks) a mole or two at the circuit courthouses, Whittington not only breaks ground but also fleshes out stories in which the turf is all-out collapsing between business partners, rivals and dynasties, both among the new money and the blue-bloods. To boot, the guy is a freelancer; for years, he was an editor. (So much for the idea that newspapers need to shed their old guard.) Go, Joe! And tell 'em to give you more space, will ya?

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