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Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch, who pens the "Mamalogues" column on, picks up where Anna Quindlen left off in her tales of young motherhood, substituting Quindlen's sap for a heavy helping of sass. A twentysomething stay-at-home blogger/mother of two young sons, Loesch says she writes to keep herself "off the bottle." Great thing is, reading her feels like a conversation exchanged over a couple of barstools. No didacticism, no euphemisms — just straight and hilarious shots of life, in all its muckiness, begging to be chugged from the Post-Dispatch Web site. "Mamalogues" used to appear in the Post's print version, too. But Loesch's tell-all style was deemed a little too honest for the geezers who've come to dominate the daily-newspaper demo, and the editors yanked the column from the paper last December after only a six-month run. If a weekly hit of "Mamalogues" ain't enough, get your fix at Loesch's blog,
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