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Destination Dining

Jim and Cathy Hoyle nearly opened a Moroccan restaurant last year. Lucky for St. Louis, they canned that idea. Instead, the couple, formerly of west county, debuted Destination Dining, a radical new restaurant concept—here, or anywhere—in which a region-inspired menu changes every month. Among others slated in 2006 were the cuisines of Paris, America's South, the Orient, Tuscany and Russia. Diners need make no decisions once seated in the stately dining room, apart from choosing between four and seven courses ($20 to $38). Wine is priced separately, with pairings offered. The Hoyles serve lunch Tuesday through Friday, dinner Wednesday through Saturday, and they recently introduced a Sunday brunch. At the end of the meal, diners receive "passports," which offer an opportunity to be the Hoyles' guest after a year's worth of journeying.
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