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Before the Missouri Independent published a single story, an anonymous attack website was already accusing its founders of spreading misinformation funded by George Soros. It was a sign that someone friendly with Missouri’s conservative-dominated government was feeling the heat, and while the alleged link to Soros was a fabrication, they were right to worry: After its launch in October 2020, the Independent’s coverage of state politics has brought a level of energetic watchdog journalism that had sadly faded in recent years as the state’s newspapers scaled back staffing and reduced their politics coverage. The Independent’s stories are hard news: deeply reported, straightforwardly written and filled with numbers, interviews, quotes and counter-quotes. Uniting star reporters from the state’s best newspapers, the Independent has infused life into Missouri’s news beats — but even better, they’ve allowed other organizations, including the Riverfront Times, to publish their work free of charge. It goes to show just how powerful good journalism can be — and why the worst of Jefferson City’s swamp are right to fear it. —Danny Wicentowski
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