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William Shearburn Gallery

What's old is new again. When William Shearburn shuttered his eponymous gallery in 2012, much was made of the idea that in today's globalized, art-fair market, blue-chip dealers don't really need a physical gallery to show and sell art. So long as they showed up at fairs with the right inventory, the thinking went, the brick-and-mortar gallery was little more than an address on a business card. True though that may be, art fairs are short. Art, on the other hand, is long, and soon enough Shearburn was craving a physical space to fill with his inventory. The result is Shearburn 2.0, a beautiful, light-filled space on Skinker Boulevard that on any given day brims with works from his collection of contemporary masters. The new gallery space may be unnecessary, but that's hardly the point. It's about showcasing the art, and the new William Shearburn Gallery displays it handsomely.

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