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2720 Cherokee

Hula hoops. Dubstep. Electronica. Reggae. Hipsters and hippies commingling with ravers for a utopian nightclub experience. A lot of the shows at 2720 are eighteen-and-up — and boy do those kids know how to party! Over the past year, this 14,000-square-foot south-city behemoth has become an integral part of the burgeoning music scene in St. Louis, bringing in internationally renowned DJs and indie acts. One of the few nighttime oases on Cherokee Street, the massive space is full of artsy artifacts ranging from odd murals to Star Wars kitsch to a busted typewriter and several spinets. The ArtDimensions gallery on the second floor offers a respite from the insanity below, but the bangin' sound oozing from the peerless sound system downstairs is guaranteed to draw you back.

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