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Good bars come in small packages — and Tiny Bar, which opened this spring in the 250-square-foot lobby of the marketing/PR firm Elasticity, is both smaller, and better, than most. For one thing, there are the drinks, which were invented by no less than Planter's House Ted Charak. For another, there's the sense of scale. At many high-end mixology bars, complicated drinks such as these mean you'll be waiting a ridiculous amount of time just to get served. But when there are only ten seats, it's hard to get too backed up — and Tiny Bar's intimate nature means the riffraff is also likely to stay away. The bar pays tribute to all manner of small but marvelous things, with drinks honoring both Eddie Gaedel (subject of our August 12 cover story) and the munchkins who danced along the Yellow Brick Road. Cozy, stylish and clever — now that's our kind of watering hole. 1008 Locust, St. Louis, 63101. 314-800-7218,
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