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Whiskey Ring

Despite the booming development Cherokee Street has seen over the last few years, until recently, there really weren't many bars. Two guys from the neighborhood apparently noticed this oversight too. John Joern and Jason Matthews, who previously worked at Off Broadway and helped make it into the beloved local bar and venue it is today, put a plan in action, and after months of building out the space on the corner of Ohio Avenue, they now have an establishment that's truly all their own. Decked out in wood paneling, velvet paintings and a vintage jukebox stocked with 45s from local and national artists alike, Whiskey Ring offers more than 50 different kinds of bourbon — but don't let that scare your wallet away. There are several affordable options that you didn't even know you love, and bartenders know how to utilize them in a variety of old-school cocktails. The beer menu takes the same approach, with reasonably priced premium local crafts and cheap-as-hell domestics. Joern sums it up best himself: "High-class alcohol with a lowbrow feel."
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