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That Lo is the best new nightclub is indicative of the dearth of interesting new nightspots; more seemed to close than open this year, and even those that closed were no great shakes. So, kind of by default, Lo's the best of the new. Their initial foray into ridiculous exclusivity (those dumb "membership cards") should perhaps have disqualified them from consideration, but, luckily for us losers, they've ditched "the code" (though apparently you can still get the nix at the door if you don't look "with it"). Owned by Tangerine's Blake Brokaw and occupying a humble space on Washington, Lo's offerings are many, though: a beautiful, well-designed space that holds 150, tops; gentle lighting; a crisp sound system perfectly tailored for the space; and a wide range of electronic sounds that change nightly, from hip-hop to abstract to jungle to house. The result is a club that's nice for both lounging and mingling, though its tiny confines preclude much active boogieing.
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