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Lumpy & the Dumpers

Straight from the demented brain of a man who calls himself "Lumpy" (a.k.a. Martin Meyer, former drummer of St. Louis punk favorite Sweet Tooth), Lumpy & the Dumpers is a band tailor-made to occupy the deepest, darkest corners of subterranean spaces. Like the musical equivalent of the 1984 B-movie C.H.U.D., Lumpy and his band of "cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers" (better known as the Dumpers, a.k.a. "the best backing band in punk") ooze slime and nastiness as readily as they churn out infectious riffs and bafflingly catchy choruses. (We still don't know what it means to "face the meat," but we've been assured that one of these days we will find out.) It didn't take long at all for this former one-man, four-track project to take on members and form a life of its own, building blog buzz and already touring the Midwest this year.

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