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BANK Projects

Located in a former bank half a block off of Cherokee Street's business district, BANK Projects hit the ground running since opening this past March. Founded by artists Mitch Kirkwood and Marianne Laury, this brightly refurbished space — freshly emblazoned with a massive neon sign reading "BANK" and a matching neon-graffittied van parked in front — has already played host to myriad exhibitions and events. St. Louis-based painter Sopearb Touch inaugurated the space with his immersive graphic paintings, followed by Kansas City-based artists Harper Hair and Aaron Storck, and Milwaukee natives Michael Senise and Cody Frei. By gathering together practitioners from fellow midsize Midwestern cities, BANK Projects has already forged new ground as a kind of Heartland cultural bridge. This fact was further underscored by its I-70 Series Cultural Exchange event this summer, which brought artists, poets and other creatives from Kansas City and St. Louis to engage in a potluck roundtable of sorts. With its laid-back embassadorial approach and incisive eye for contemporary art, BANK Projects is a welcome addition to the St. Louis scene — and one from whom we eagerly await to see what's next.

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