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Los Caminos

Co-run and curated by Cole Root and Francesca Wilmott, this Cherokee Street apartment artspace has successfully imported the home-based DIY gallery trend to St. Louis with taut, insightful exhibits and resounding local popularity. Since opening in the fall of 2010 with a solo exhibit of (then local) artist RJ Messineo, Wilmott and Root have created a thoughtful season of shows that play on elements of this hybrid domestic space while holding a firm grip on the most contemporary of art sensibilities. Their roster of artists, both local and national, is already vast, including Brandon Anschultz, Juan William Chávez, David Johnson, Brookhart Jonquil, Dominic Paul Moore and Molly Zuckerman-Hartung (to name a few), and they've incorporated additional programming that has included SLOUP ( nights as well as weekend exhibits for the 2011 Southern Graphics Conference. And this isn't even their full-time gig! Wilmott and Cole both have day jobs, meaning Los Caminos is a product of personal passion and out-of-pocket ingenuity. In this brief but galvanizing first season, they've positioned their space as one of the top go-to art spaces in town. (Be advised that Los Caminos is open by appointment only. For info e-mail

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