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Maps Contemporary Art Space

OK, so it's not technically in St. Louis, or even Missouri, for that matter, but Maps Contemporary Art Space deserves honorary St. Louis citizenship for its street cred alone. Working out of a small Belleville storefront, brothers B.j. and Chris Vogt consistently present challenging works that few galleries on the west bank of the Mississippi are willing to touch. Be it the performance art of Glitterous (a.k.a. Kathy Cannistra), the genealogical experiments of Courtney Henson or the dreamlike visions of Cameron Fuller, the brothers Vogt are developing quite a stable of local talent while simultaneously burnishing their young gallery's reputation as an experimental art space that stays close to the ground. Next year promises to be equally exciting, as Maps expands its roster with more up-and-coming area artists. It's enough to make an art lover move to Belleville.

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