Best Neighborhood Restaurant

The Purple Martin

"I want this place to be an amenity for the people in the community," Brooke Roseberry says of her neighborhood eatery, the Purple Martin. "OK, really, I wanted somewhere to drink wine and play cards." Roseberry, a long-time Fox Park resident, watched as businesses came and went in the corner restaurant spot on California and Shenandoah. When the space became available last year, Roseberry seized upon the opportunity to finally make it the kind of place she and the other Fox Park neighbors had been waiting for. Though Roseberry didn't set out to make it a hotspot, the Purple Martin has attracted some serious talent. Joel Clark, formerly of Mission Taco Joint and Sanctuaria, runs the bar, and KT Ayers, former owner and chef of much missed Riddles Penultimate Café & Wine Bar, brings her signature seasonal cuisine to the kitchen. Even Chris Bork, whose impressive résumé includes Blood & Sand, has made an appearance for the restaurant's inaugural Guest Chef Night. Though Roseberry's vision for the Purple Martin is humble, one gets the feeling that she's open to letting creative culinarians and mixologists run wild — so long as it doesn't interfere with Tuesday's game of pinochle.

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