Best Neighborhood Bar (West County)

Kirkwood Ice And Fuel

In 1991, life-long Kirkwoodian Steve Harris and his buddies began bullshitting after softball games about opening their own local bar where the beer would be extra cold — the way they liked it. Often, such talk leads nowhere. "In this case," Harris says, "it was like clockwork." He and eight guys bought a space on Kirkwood Road and named it "Ice & Fuel," in memory of an old establishment by the train station that disappeared about a century ago. Harris' bar has been a neighborhood hub ever since. Just a block away, Mike Duffy's Pub & Grill and PJ's Tavern cater to more mature patrons, but Ice & Fuel is popular with the younger crowd — especially St. Peter's and Kirkwood High alumni — who reunite on weekend nights and during football games. Harris, now the sole owner, visits Cozumel, Mexico, twice a year, which has inspired him to paint the back patio furniture in bright cantina colors and to rethink his margarita recipe. It's also why the delicious fish tacos have joined the traditional pub fare on the food menu, and why Sol beer bottles are available too, always served cold — cold enough to maintain the "Ice & Fuel" reputation.

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