Best Neighborhood Bar (South County)

Croc's Sports Bar

Logistics can really get in the way of an otherwise fine night of drinking, especially when it comes to last call. After doing some quick math, you decide that getting one last bucket of beer is the way to go. But what's this? Lights flip on, the bartender who's been so nice all night is now kicking your ass out the door, and there are still three beers nesting in ice at your table. It's a sin to let good beer go to waste, so you either have to take your chances in the afterlife or slam the remaining goods under Mr. Buzzkill's menacing eye. At Croc's, it never comes down to this. Take your unopened beer to the bar and exchange it for insects or gold coins. Yes. Plastic beetles, roaches, flies in cherry colors, or faux gold coins—all of which you can bring with you on your next visit and redeem for the unopened drink(s) that wasn't. It's like recycling, but with alcohol and instant results!
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