Best Neighborhood Bar (North County)


What makes for a good neighborhood bar? Is it a cozy atmosphere? Memorabilia from the area schools? A long-established presence in a location, with possibly the same décor since the 1970s? Sure, these factors all have their places. What's more important than the kitsch, however, is the ability to walk into the joint and run into a former grade school classmate some twenty years later. What Cugino's lacks in its shabby-chic dive-bar atmosphere, it more than makes up for in its ability to turn its space into a nightly high school reunion. Feeling pretty and want to catch the eye of a former crush? Lost that grade school baby fat and want to stick it to the (once) cool kids? At Cugino's, these fantasies come true nightly for the Ferguson-Florissant and Hazelwood set. Fortunately, if things don't go so well with that former flame, it has 56 beers on tap.

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