Best Neighborhood Bar (North County)

BS Bar & Grill

Some of you may know that Riverfront Times fields a softball team. Some of you may further be aware that our team is the Baltimore Orioles of the U. City rec league. This summer we lost a game 27-1. That score was not an aberration. We routinely get beat by double digits — especially when we play the gang from BS Bar & Grill in St. Ann. These guys have more punch than the 1998 Yankees, and we'd hate their stinkin' guts if we weren't in awe of their mad skills. But then, what else would we expect from folks who represent the Best Neighborhood Bar in north county? Just like its softball team, BS Bar & Grill knocks it out of the park — with great happy hours, live entertainment and tremendous bar fare. BS, by the way, stands for the first initials of the bar's two owners. Of course, the double-entendre is lost on no one. As the folks at BS like to say: "Sometimes it's good to be full of it." If only the RFT softball team could be so cocky.
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