Best Neighborhood Bar (Mid-County)

Cousin Hugo's Bar & Grill

A Maplewood mainstay for eight decades now, this quintessential tavern thrives on keeping it old school. Sure, the joint has made a few modern-day concessions. Flat-screen TVs now broadcast the "big game." And, per county law, smokers now have to step outside (onto the bar's beautiful, tree-lined back patio). Other than that, though, the vibe at Hugo's remains decidedly mid-1900s with checkered tablecloths, wood-paneled walls and a corner fireplace, its mantel lined with weathered hardbacks. The kitchen even serves a braunschweiger sandwich, for chrissake. Why mess with a winning formula? Since the 1930s Cousin Hugo's has given the people what they want: cold drinks (draft beers come served in iced glasses), good food (yes, the kitchen serves much more than braunschweiger) and great company — the essentials of any time-tested bar and grill.

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