Best Neighborhood Bar (Mid-County)

Double D Lounge

If Slo Tom's, winner in the "City" division of this very category, is the bastard cousin of Cheers, the Double D is its antithesis—but again, in a good way. After a hard day at the office, some of us are looking for nothing more or less than a dark room where not only does no one know our name, but no one's liable to ask, either. There are times in a person's life—oh, say five-times-fifty times a year—when the only thing that'll do is a shot, a beer and a tray of peanuts. Sure, they've got conversation at the Double D if you want it. They've got a new flat-screen TV. They've even got a popcorn machine. So pull up a barstool. All we ask is this: If you see us there, hunched over our peanuts and our boilermaker, leave us the heck alone. We've had a hard week, OK?
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