Best Neighborhood Bar (Mid-County)


The lobby of the Ritz-Carlton is a nice place to avail yourself of a martini, but let's be honest: It's no place to grab a basket of wings and a brew. Even those who are lodging in style at the Ritz would be well advised to walk a block down Forsyth Bouelvard to Krueger's to satisfy their bar bar jones. From the marlin on the wall to the smoke-stained Bud mirrors to the almost entirely deep-fried menu, Krueger's, located just over the municipal line in U. City, is everything that Clayton isn't. With a classic jukebox selection and a few TVs (tuned to the game, natch), you can grab yourself a pitcher and feel miles away from the highfalutin few just down the block -- those who'll never know the joys of cheap booze and casual fun.
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