Best Neighborhood Bar (East Side)


A biker bar moonlighting as a sort of family-style Hooter's, Schatze's defies the worst dive-bar stereotypes (like gross clouds of cigarette smoke) while keeping the grungy charm. The waitresses are hard to miss with their white knee socks and neon-green booty shorts, but more importantly, they carry trays filled with delightful, boozy concoctions, such as apple-pie shots. The sit-down dining area at the front hosts a raucous weekday karaoke scene from 9 p.m. till the doors lock around 2 a.m., though prospective singers may have to roll themselves to the stage, thanks to the 25-cent wings and 39-cent peel-and-eat shrimp — it's easy to become lost in this bar-food paradise. Listen to the blues and country piping from the jukebox (or from a band on the weekends), the clink of billiard balls and the grousing regulars hunched over their drinks; Schatze's is as classic as they come, as American as apple pie...shots.

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