Best Neighborhood Bar (East Side)

Neumann's Bar and Restaurant

Many paths lead to the Illinois side of the St. Louis area, and Neumann's Bar & Restaurant in Edwardsville is a place that all consumers of alcohol can appreciate. It's cheap enough for the college kids, tidy enough for the suburban sprawlers, and casual enough for the metro-east lifers. Inside its unassuming storefront, the bartenders are heavy handed, the jukebox is loud, the dartboards and pool table are inviting, and the Stag flows like water in the Mississippi. Despite all that it offers, Neumann's is most notable for what it's not. You never have to sit through that shitty bluegrass cover of "Call Me Maybe" at open-mic night, and you never have to shout over an amateur DJ. You may end up with an impulse-buy pizza, but that only makes the moonshine go down easier.

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