Best Neighborhood Bar (Downtown)

Dapper Dan's

The hipper sect of downtown boosters would likely argue that the surest indicator that the urban core is back will be the ongoing success of Washington Avenue hot spots like Tangerine. Tangerine's great. But the day Dapper Dan's boasts a fanny on every one of its well-worn stools is the day we'll clap our hands. Open seven days a week and boasting a charmingly shabby wooden façade, this Tucker Boulevard institution caters to the full swath of downtown denizens: the homeless, the dope slingers, the aged and, occasionally, the young and in-the-know who appreciate Double-D's onion rings and warm whiskey pours. Dapper Dan's has weathered the neighborhood's ebbs, letting the liquor flow through thick and thin. It is a supercool dive bar that deserves to be celebrated, not snickered at and dismissed as a remnant of eras past.
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