Best Neighborhood Bar (City)

Zack's Lounge

Zack's Lounge is a bit like your favorite old pair of boots: It's a little worn out, yes, but it's also reliable and cozy. Zack Walls and his little shoebox of a bar, which stands next to a small church and not much else, have been serving up good times to the Ville neighborhood in north St. Louis for the last quarter-century. A DJ plays disco funk on Friday evenings; you can get two-for-one drinks that night from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. If you're new, the regulars might razz you and tell you stories. (Some have been drinking here longer than you've been alive.) And it's OK if you throw back one too many — a hand-lettered sign near the door says, "What go on in Zack's stay's in Zack's."

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