Best Neighborhood Bar (City)

Nadine's Gin Joint

There are only four types of gin available at Nadine's Gin Joint. Blame the bar's namesake for the misnomer. "I guess Nadine just liked the sound of it," a barkeep once explained. "It's like one of those Prohibition-era places where you'd go to drink and have fun while everyone else was sitting at home wishing liquor was legal." Nadine's isn't special because it's some kitschy throwback to another era. Rather, it has the timeless, comforting feel of a true drinking-person's establishment. The beer is cheap, the drinks are stiff and the kitchen serves soulful, down-home cookin'. The interior is exposed brick, and there's a modest garden patio outside. The bartenders are the capable, friendly sort that can either crack a joke or drown your sorrows. There's a colorful cast of barflies, and there's Nadine herself, talking up the regulars and making sure everyone's got what they need. You'll have to go elsewhere for your Beefeater and tonic, but Nadine's embodies the booze-cloaked soul of Soulard.

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