Best Neighborhood Bar (City)

Slo Tom's Lounge

The best neighborhood bars aren't necessarily the ones where everybody knows your name, but rather those where everybody asks your name. You might be a stranger when you walk in, but by the time you leave, you've got a few new friends who'll help load you out. Slo Tom's on South Broadway is legendary; the Bottle Rockets wrote a song about it, and south-siders speak of it with equal parts enthusiasm and exhaustion—people drink a lot in here. Regulars have their own glasses, which they store at the bar and retrieve each visit. Order the bar's specialty, a GTO, which comes in a jumbo size that would kill a gorilla. Drink it up, knowing the night will end in some sort of dramatic fashion: a bar fight, a puke fest or a quick snog in the backseat. Whatever happens, it'll warrant a return visit.
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