Best Name For a Baseball Player

Stubby Clapp

Right there in the middle of the horrendous slump the Cardinals ran through in June, St. Louis fans had to accept whatever excitement they could find for their baseball dollar. So when the PA announced the first-ever major-league at bat for Stubby Clapp, Busch Stadium faithful figured, "Why not give him a standing ovation?" It didn't take a sabermetrician to know he has the best name for a baseball player to come down the pike in decades. Once upon a time, baseball rosters were filled with men with names such as Cool Papa Bell, Babe Ruth, Chief Bender and Rube Marquard. Obviously Stubby Clapp belongs among those legends more than he does pinch-running for the likes of Craig Paquette and Andy Benes. Nobody believes for a second that Clapp is bound for the Hall of Fame, but everybody in the ballpark recognized the sound of baseball as their grandfathers knew it. Like most Cardinals in June, Clapp struck out that day, but the fans didn't care. They again rose to their feet as he walked, head bowed, back to the dugout.
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