Best Mystery

Where's Wanda?

OK, where's Wanda? Has anyone checked under Becky's carpet? For years, the carpet-selling team of Becky and Wanda pitched their rugs in late-night commercials that looked great between Jerry Springer segments. Those magic wands, the inexplicable queen motif, the flying carpet that rose higher than the Arch -- these ads had special effects that made Ed Wood look like George Lucas and enough charm to entice floor geeks to shag. Becky delivered the sales pitch in a shrill, fast monotone, whereas Wanda's lower, deadpan approach dispensed her words from a mouth that seemed to smother them on the way out. We wonder, was Becky her ventriloquist? Was Wanda a wall-to-wall flower compared with Becky, a good lay? Was Becky living in a vacuum? Does she have all bases covered? Maybe Wanda -- rug royalty from way back -- has simply moved on to the next level.
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