Best Mussels

Frazer's Restaurant and Lounge

When it comes to bivalves, no one really wants to take risks. This explains why concepts like Littleneck Larry's Diesel Stop & Clam Bar never quite took off. It also explains the popularity of the mussels at Frazer's Restaurant and Lounge in Benton Park, where the only risk is that you'll eat three whole orders by yourself. Expertly prepared and beautifully presented, the Atlantic mussels are offered as an appetizer, although no one will judge you for making a meal of them. After all, one order nets you a full pound of these beauties. The mussels are meltingly tender, having been steamed in a luscious melange of extra-virgin olive oil, chardonnay, tomato and fresh garlic. Crusty French bread — the natural BFF to any good pot of mussels — is served on the side so that no drop of sauce goes to waste. There might be a better way to spend an evening than enjoying a plate of mussels on Frazer's leafy patio, but we're hard-pressed to think of one.

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