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Swing City Music

Only one kid's test-driving a guitar, and he's shredding -- and it isn't a Metallica song. There's a floor-to-ceiling wall of guitars, and they aren't all cheap. Gibson Firebirds, two color choices. Les Pauls. Epiphone Iommi and at a better price than the Big Box. Sure, they could have more effects, but the broad selection of basses more than makes up for it. Any store that shows genuine love for the low end must be respected, especially when they carry most of the Ampeg bass amp line -- and at fair prices. There's a whole other end of the store devoted to band-geek instruments, but we've never made it that far. Trapped between the pull of a Gibson Thunderbird with nary a scratch on her beautiful form and a slightly used Fender Jazz circa 1975 run through an Ampeg half-stack, we've got a serious math problem to solve. At what point does the need for more wattage outweigh the need to eat? At Swing City Music, the differential is less than you may think.
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