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In a year jam-packed with livestreamed events, with every musician starved for an audience and every music fan jonesing for their live performance fix, one St. Louis streaming series stood head and shoulders above the rest. The Sinkhole’s “I Watched Music on the Internet” series brought an eclectic mix of some of the city’s finest acts together, thanks to owner Matt Stuttler’s many years spent booking local music, and featured everything from the garage rock of Shitstorm to the daddy-daughter duo Electric Toothbrush Sisters to the genre-bending hip-hop of 18andCounting to the blistering metal of the Lion’s Daughter. And, setting the whole thing really over the top, the four-show set of performances was shot on a sound and light stage operated by the pros at Arch City Audio Visual Services, who usually lend their talents to far larger productions, including popular Pink Floyd tribute act El Monstero. It was an exceptionally odd confluence of pandemic-related events that made it all possible — ones that, frankly, we’d prefer never again to repeat — but the end result was the nearest approximation to attending an actual live show that many of us saw in all of 2020. And for that, we’re forever grateful. —Daniel Hill
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