Best Music Festival

Washington Avenue Beat Festival

Beat Festival, the transcendent biannual electronic music festival on Washington Avenue, is the most happening Sunday night in St. Louis ever (and maybe better than the best Saturday night, too). Thousands of wristband-sporting celebrants come out Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends to revel in the balmy weather and the glory of our burgeoning club district. This is the best opportunity for those on a budget to enjoy a night of club-hopping. Adept Beat Fest attendees recognize that careful planning is essential to hit all the bumpin' clubs and hear a fair amount of the talent -- artists so consistently good that you'll want to keep the flier to remind yourself you were there. For newbies, this is the perfect introduction to the turntables-and-records scene. And for those who haven't attended at least one (there have been eight, for crying out loud): You're probably too old at heart to have a good time anyway.
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