Best Music Fans

Stephen Houldsworth and Graham Matthews

You've probably seen them around: Stephen's the shorter one with the David Crosby moustache, and Graham's the taller and skinnier one with the full beard. Together, they attend more local music events than any local without an alliterative, British Invasion-tinged nickname. The Offspring at Soldiers Memorial? A word-of-mouth basement show in south city? The latest happenings at Belleville, Illinois' Cheddr Den? Chances are Graham and Steve were not only there, but they were unobtrusively recording the show to put up on their YouTube page, which contains more than 850 videos as of this writing, and no doubt dozens more as we go to print. St. Louis is a hive of musical activity lately, and it's wonderful and valuable that this pair is documenting it for no other reason than the love of the music.

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