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Last Days of Man on Earth

Music blogs are a dime a dozen nowadays, but well-informed, well-written ones are still an all-too-scarce commodity. It's precisely those two crucial qualities that make Last Days of Man on Earth a diamond in the Internet rough. Written by Joe Stumble, who lived in the underground music meccas of Boston and Columbus, Ohio, before landing in St. Louis, the blog is a loving tribute to the old-school punk, new-wave and hardcore bands that time forgot. Vintage photos, flyers, videos and, of course, MP3 files ripped from rare vinyl records pair well with Stumble's instructive, entertaining prose. Chances are you've never heard of the UK punk act Martin and the Brownshirts or synthpunk obscurity Futurisk, but after Stumble's done dissecting why their tunes are worthy you'll wonder why they aren't already in your collection.

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