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St. Andrews Cinema

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Earlier in 2019, the RFT featured a real unicorn in the local movie presentation game, the St. Andrews Cinema. Next year, the space will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. That's notable enough, but what's really a kicker is that the films shown there in 2019 come with a cheaper ticket price than they did in 1969. The region's sole remaining dollar show, the St. Andrews features three screens. They rotate between about a half-dozen movies at a time, meaning that the thrifty moviegoers of St. Charles County can see pretty much every film in second-run release for about $20 to $25 a month, a crazy notion. While the industry has moved toward high comfort in moviehouse experiences, the St. Andrews is an old-school type of place, though the theater's young management staff is attacking an ambitious updating process over the next few months, all while providing a home for the ultimate camp classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, on alternating weekends.

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