Best Movie Theater

The Hi-Pointe

As more and more movie theaters try to ply patrons with robot armchairs, baskets of fried food and fruity cocktails, the Hi-Pointe stands as the increasingly rare place that isn't ashamed to be what it is: a movie theater. It's not trying to disguise itself as a good place to eat quesadillas while lying on your back. This is a theater where you sit with your feet on the floor like a grownup, a place where the movie itself is put front and center, where it belongs. The vintage décor wraps you up in a hug before you even walk inside, and quaint touches — like a little dog wandering the lobby or a 1950s-era aluminum Christmas tree during the winter — add to the homey vibe. There's also a big screen, a quality sound system and Junior Mints in the freezer if you want to feel a little luxurious. The Hi-Pointe is a movie house in its purest distillation, and that makes it the place to take in your next blockbuster release. (And if you go on Wednesdays or for matinees, tickets will set you back only $5.)

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