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Chase Park Plaza Cinemas

Movies are the classic American escape activity. Whether you're trying to escape the humidity of summer that makes walking down the sidewalk feel like water aerobics, the gloomy showers of fall and winter or you just need a break from the everyday grind, the Chase Park Plaza Cinemas offers the ideal respite. Sure, it's commonplace for area movie theaters to have fully stocked bars, but what other theater has its own organist? When a little old man is piping out tunes before each show, then spins around and tells you how many times he's seen the movie and how great it is, you suddenly don't care much about the front-loaded, sometimes tinny sound system — it becomes part of the old-fashioned charm of the place. The Moolah Theatre, which shares ownership with the Chase, is attractive for its abundance of squashy leather couches (and, yeah, the bar), but it's tough to top an organist.

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