Best Movie Theater

Chesterfield Galaxy 14

Let's be straight: Wehrenberg's Chesterfield Galaxy 14 Cine takes this category because the sound system here will blow your face off. That and the fact that the Mega Screen (the largest in the Midwest) is big enough to broker the suspension of disbelief if the film's story fails to do so. Haute cinema is cool, yes, but for the price of a ticket nowadays you deserve to eat your obscene-size tub of faux-buttery popcorn whilst swathed in legit stadium seating, lovingly embraced by clear digital surround sound emanating from high-quality speakers. There's a lot of anti-megaplex hoo-hah out there (it's like arguing over the virtues of wax versus digital), but why not take advantage of technology? Oh, unless you're Amish, in which case, our apologies.

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