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Moolah Theatre & Lounge

Who wouldn't want to see one of Angelina Jolie's nostrils enlarged to the size of a two-car garage, her lips to the size of an eighteen-wheeler? The mighty Moolah in midtown ain't no converted Fotomat booth. It is an actual former Shriners temple, converted not for the use of grown men and their go-carts and fezzes, but for the delight of all who worship at the altar of the truly big big screen. No other entertainment venue in the city has such an ability to suspend reality and transport the entertainment-seeking soul into another world. It's a screen bigger than God's plasma TV. A screen big enough to make the movie memorable. A screen to overwhelm you like you always wanted but never dared hope for. For years no decent theater within the city limits, and now this! Even the structure itself is grand, so that upon entering you get the sense that you're about to be awed. And there's a bar. That's right: a bar! (No more shoving cans of Stag down your pants leg!) Arrive early and snag a puffy couch or chair on the main floor, or make a leisurely entrance and avail yourself of the more-than-adequate panorama afforded by the balcony. And did we mention the bowling alley in the basement? We forgot to mention the bowling alley!
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