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Moolah Theatre & Lounge

The entire concept of movie theaters is in trouble. As DVDs become the real moneymaker for movie studios, as high-definition TV sets get bigger, better and cheaper, more and more people are staying home where the seats are better, there's beer in the fridge and you don't have to worry about someone behind you bringing their toddler to The Devil's Rejects (true story!). But if your home theater beats out the Moolah, then, well, we're big fans, Mr. Lucas. With ten rows of buttery leather couches and chairs, a huge screen, a gorgeous dome ceiling, a full bar and Ted Drewes custard behind the counter, the Moolah is more like a mini-vacation than a grueling trip to the multiplex (and thanks for the "no children under five after 5" rule for PG-13 and R films). Soon after the Moolah opened, a friend confided, "I saw Meet the Fockers twice just so I could go there again." We can think of no higher praise.
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