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Wehrenberg Ronnies 20 Ciné

Ronnies teems with teens. Especially on the weekends. Teens dropped off by their parents, slipping into the bathroom to apply makeup or remove a piece of clothing that detracts from their outfits, which they were only wearing for Mom's benefit anyway. A trip to Ronnies will surely take you back to those first-date days. You sat down nervously next to your date and then, minutes before the closing credits rolled, reached your drenched palm over and clasped your date's clammy digits. Your partner didn't exactly squeeze back but didn't forcibly resist, either. That's what makes the twenty-screen Ronnies -- built on the hallowed ground of the original Ronnies Drive-In -- the best in our book: It's the nostalgia. Even better, movie theater state-of-the-art has come a long way since your first date, what with the stadium-style seats, the food and the beer. But the feeling's still the same. Indie snobs, capitulate!
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