Best Movie-Theater Concessions

AMC Theatres

Movie theaters can sell just about anything at the concession stand if they want to. They could have coffee and tea, sandwiches, crackers, hors d'oeuvres. They could have anything, but they usually don't. They almost always rely on soda, candy and popcorn. There is a good reason for this. Movies are simply better with popcorn. Studies have shown that people pay closer attention to visual details while grabbing handfuls of puffed corn and sliding individual pieces into their mouths at a steady rate of 10-13 kernels per minute. Well, they would show this, if we could get a government grant to carry out the research. If you go to enough movies around town, you know that not all corn is popped equally. Differences in texture, seasoning and freshness abound. Nobody has yet mastered the art of popcorn puffery better than the AMC chain's concession stands. We don't know what secret ingredients are splattered amid the oil and corn, or what the fat content of the butter is. We just know that at AMC theaters, our hands get soiled fastest, and our minds can concentrate on the movie in front of us, while our mouths enjoy an explosion of salty pleasures.
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