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Cardinals' Extension of Adam Wainwright's Contract

The St. Louis Cardinals' five-year, $97.5 million extension of Adam Wainwright was the largest ever for a Cardinals pitcher, but it means that we'll likely never have to see the right-hander in another team's uniform. More importantly, it means St. Louis now gets to enjoy an athlete who is both incredibly talented and supremely goofy for the next five seasons. Yes, there have been some dips in Wainwright's continued recovery from a 2011 elbow injury, including a rough night against the Reds in August. However, he has shown enough to give us visions of 2010 when he tore through the National League and was runner-up for a Cy Young Award. (Wainwright is back in contention for that honor this year.) Hopefully, that hefty price tag means the chance to watch Wainwright lead the Birds to a championship win, but for now we can rest assured the pitcher will continue slinging curveballs and making up ridiculous handshakes on the Cardinals' bench for the foreseeable future.

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