Best Move

Ryan Franklin from Cardinals Setup Man to Cardinals Closer

Around mid-July John Mozeliak must have been thinking: "The RFT will be cranking up its 'Best of' machinery soon, and I want to make things difficult for them in the Best Move category." Not coincidentally, it was around this time that the St. Louis Cardinals general manager went out and got Mark DeRosa, Julio Lugo and Matt Holliday. Nice try, Mozer. The Cardinals indeed orchestrated the highest-impact move of the past year, but Mozeliak can't hog the credit. If anyone deserves credit for moving journeyman pitcher and ace beard grower Ryan Franklin from setup man to closer, it's Ryan Franklin himself. We're sure that Ryan will cherish this honor above all others, including his All-Star selection and his multimillion-dollar contract extension. No prob, big guy, the pleasure is all ours.

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