Best Move

Doug Weight to Carolina

The Blues took their share of hits during the dismal 2005-2006 season, but we're willing to give general manager Larry Pleau the benefit of the doubt on the best sports move of the year. Trading Doug Weight to Carolina in midseason in exchange for a first-round draft pick and two fourth-round picks virtually assured the Blues a last-place finish in the NHL while providing the team with another first-round pick in the amateur draft. Sure, the Weight trade effectively ended the team's streak of 25 straight playoff appearances, but so what? It's not like the Blues won a Stanley Cup in those years. Thanks to the trade, the Blues picked up three of the top 31 players selected in the 2006 draft. And then they went and re-signed Weight following his Stanley Cup victory in Carolina! It's like he was never really gone! Weight's experience as one of the best players in the league will no doubt prove priceless as the team rebuilds under new ownership with a fresh batch of talent that might just deliver the cup to St. Louis.
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